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Modern Rustic Design Style

Modern Rustic Design Style

Mickler & Co Design Studio in Wilmington, NC carries Modern Rustic furniture and decor for sale online or in-store pickup.

Modern Rustic Furniture 

The Modern Rustic style offers a sleek, contemporary side to country/rustic style furniture with design elements that bring a little of the outdoors in. Reclaimed driftwood mantels, wide plank floors, stone fireplaces and live edge dining tables will find a home here. Color palettes are inspired by natural materials and typically include lots of white, gray, wood tones and metallic colors.


While many may refer to this style as “Modern Farmhouse,” Farmhouse is not a furniture style. It’s an accessory style. The furniture style most consumers describe as “farmhouse” usually falls into either the Country or Rustic category. Farmhouse is a recent term coined by the likes of Fixer Upper and their fans, but not technically accurate when referring to furniture styles (and if you’ve met our head designer, Rebecca, you’ve likely gotten an earful about the term).


Modern Rustic style is often blended with specific decorative accessory styles to create more distinct and personal design styles such as: Coastal Modern, Modern Farmhouse, Urban Rustic


Modern Rustic Design Elements

- Incorporation of natural (found in nature) materials

- Industrial accents 

- Neutral colors

- Variety of textures instead of colors

- Raw, exposed edges

- Updated versions of rustic & industrial style


Steph Creme Plaid Pillowmodern rustic hall tree



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