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Contemporary Coastal Design Style

Contemporary Coastal Design Style

Mickler & Co Design Studio is a furniture store & design showroom in Wilmington, NC. We carry coastal furniture and decor for sale online or in-store pickup.

Coastal Furniture & Decor

Coastal design is known for its incorporation of blues and white, slipcovers, and of course, seashells and all things beachy. Contemporary coastal takes on a more refreshing form of coastal interiors, with focus around comfort. Made to feel like you're sitting seaside. Natural materials from driftwood to linen, bamboo and wicker. Let your color palette be guided by the sand and sea. Using lots of textures, weathered materials, mixed with soft blues, greens and a lot of white.





Coastal Design Elements


- Natural materials such as linen, bamboo, rattan, & woven accents

- Pale wood tones 

- Shades of blues, greens, beige, and white 

- Driftwood

- Clean and relaxed appearance

- Minimal clutter







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